Stronger then a bungee cord


The Twist N' Stay combines the strength of a zip tie, the usefulness of a bungee cord, and the effectiveness of a tie down.

Twist and Stay comes in different colors and sizes:

Sizes & Colors

What's Twist And Stay ?

Each Twist N' Stay® has a super strong core made of flexible steel alloy and is covered by industrial grade foam. One Twist N' Stay® safely holds up to300 pounds and can be used and reused hundreds of times indoors or out! It's so easy to use. Like any household twist wrap, just twist and it stays!

With Twist N' Stay®, you can tie, wrap and organize just about anything. Unlike rope or bungee cords, with Twist N' Stay there's no knotting, stretching or snapping back. Once you see how easy your life is with Twist N' Stay®, you'll find countless ways to carry, hang, store or tie things of all different shapes and sizes.


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  • Auto & Garage
  • Industrial & Commercial
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Household and storage Organization